Discussion group for WDM audio driver developers. This group is focused on the development of WDM drivers for audio devices under Microsoft Windows.

Founded in April 2000, this mailing list has become the main discussion forum for Kernel Streaming and WDM audio driver related topics. People from all leading industries of audio hardware and software take part in this discussion. Thus, the quality was and is always very high.

For a driver developer who wants to understand how WDM audio drivers are working, this is the right place to look. But also audio application programmers, audio hardware developers, etc. can find important information.

In August 2002 the list has moved from Yahoo®Groups to the FreeLists service. The old archive is still available for all subscribed Yahoo® members. If you are not a member of Yahoo® and also wish to access the old archive, please send me an email.

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Carsten Schulz
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Fri - July 1, 2005

www.wdmaudiodev.com now online!

Starting today you can now also access this website via our new URL: http://www.wdmaudiodev.com/

The old address (http://www.wdmaudiodev.de/ ) is still valid.

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Wed - June 22, 2005

New website layout

Today I've updated the layout of our http://www.wdmaudiodev.de website. It's now organized as a blog, which helps me to maintain this site. This site is still intended as an information site for the WDMAUDIODEV mailinglist that is hosted at the freelists.org service. You can easily subscribe to the mailinglist from this site - note the links at the navigation bar. You can also subscribe to the mailinglist via RSS, and you can subscribe to this news blog also via RSS - note the links at the navigation bar.
Besides, you can still find all the stuff from the old site here. For example all the old file downloads are still available via the new Files category. Since it is not allowed to post attachments to the mailinglist you can send these attachments to me, so that I can post these files to this blog.

If you have any problems please feel free to email me.

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